Doris Salcedo “Shibboleth”

            Doris Salcedo’s piece Shibboleth is located in London in Tate Modern Museum. Her piece is a large rupture in the floor of the museum that looks like a geological fault of as if an earthquake broke the floor. Doris Salcedo, “Shibboleth.”        As she referred in her film Public Works the word comes from a bible verse. The Bible verse (Jud. 12 1-7) … Continue reading Doris Salcedo “Shibboleth”

Ai Weiwei “Remembering”

         Ai Weiwei contemporary Chinese artist and activist, creates many controversial pieces to criticize the Chinese government excessive use of power, wrongdoing with its citizens and lack of interest of the public duty. One of his most controversial art pieces that cause such an impact in the government and the people, is his public work  “Remembering.” Which was located in the facade of … Continue reading Ai Weiwei “Remembering”

Krzysztof Wodiczko the Story Behind “Guests”

 Krzyszfof Wodiczko “Guests”           Poland artist Krzysztof Wodiczko in 2009 for the Fifty Third Venice Biennale Polish Pavilion display, made the art piece called “Guests”. In which he explore the various problems of immigrants that went to Italy from countries like Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Pakistan and many others.               He created an interactive audible and visual work which is presented as if the … Continue reading Krzysztof Wodiczko the Story Behind “Guests”

Doris Salcedo November 6 and 7, 2002

Image from Doris Salcedo “Nobiembre 6 y 7, 2002.”             Doris Salcedo Colombian Contemporary artist has elaborated many pieces but one of her still most remarkable public pieces is “Noviembre 6 y 7, 2002.” In which she utilize the façade of New Palace of Justice located in Bogota. In which she hangs from the celling wood chairs of different size and … Continue reading Doris Salcedo November 6 and 7, 2002