Doris Salcedo November 6 and 7, 2002

Image from Doris Salcedo “Nobiembre 6 y 7, 2002.”    

        Doris Salcedo Colombian Contemporary artist has elaborated many pieces but one of her still most remarkable public pieces is “Noviembre 6 y 7, 2002.” In which she utilize the façade of New Palace of Justice located in Bogota. In which she hangs from the celling wood chairs of different size and colors.

       She created this piece in order to commemorate of the “17th anniversary” of the Palace of Justice Siege in 1985. Which it was when, members of the guerrilla attacked the Supreme Court of Colombia by holding them hostage as well as some civilians. Approximately three hundred people were held hostage, of whom two hundred were rescued by the armed forces during the first hours. The hostage lasted for two days and it was said that the attack was done with the aid of Pablo Escobar, “drug lord.” It left civilians and half of the Supreme Court member’s dead, as well as some people disappeared during the attack. This Siege took place because the president Belisario Betancurt broke a peace contract that was made with the guerrilla members. The purpose was to make him go to the Palace of Justice to settle an arrangement. However, Betancurt refused and set his army to take action in order to avoid more deaths.


Image from Doris Salcedo “Nobiembre 6 y 7, 2002.”    

     The artist Salcedo, in commemoration of such event placed a performance yet sculptural art, by placing the chairs by the time each person in the court died. The chairs falling from the new building of Palace of Justice serve as a symbolic statement of “memory.”

        Salcedo’s main purpose is to create a statement, to not let events or situations she doesn’t agree with pass and be just part of the news. She want people to remember, to formulate questions and not to stop with the facts of the events. As she mentions, she doesn’t want to feel people are just numbers, each person’s life is valuable and should be reminded as such.


Image from Doris Salcedo “Nobiembre 6 y 7, 2002.”    


Doris Salcedo Video,  “Public Works.”


Written by Jacquie Nuenez

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