Ai Weiwei “Remembering”

         Ai Weiwei contemporary Chinese artist and activist, creates many controversial pieces to criticize the Chinese government excessive use of power, wrongdoing with its citizens and lack of interest of the public duty.
One of his most controversial art pieces that cause such an impact in the government and the people, is his public work  “Remembering.” Which was located in the facade of the Haus der Kunst in Munich from October of 2009 to January of 2010.The building was originally made to follow the standards of Nazi’s ideals and serve as a way of publicity.


Ai Weiwei, “Remembering.”

However, Weiwei’s purpose of this piece was to create awareness of the government lack of interest and silence towards the lives lost during the earthquake in China in 2008. Because of the artist involvement in the government matters through his social media as well as his documentary “So sorry”, he researched by his own means the actual number of lives lost. Which such number was not disclosed by the government. The artist in his documentary explains that the government didn’t want to declare the actual amount, because it would demonstrate the lack of interest and neglect towards the already damaged structures of the schools and buildings that vanish during the disaster.
The piece was extended through the facade and it was made with backpacks of different colors: white, blue, red, yellow and green. The colors as well represent the youth of the many lives lost. The backpacks are organized and forms a sentence that comes from a letter of a mother who lost her daughter during the hurricane which states: “for seven years she lived happily on this earth.”


Ai Weiwei, “Remembering.”

His art work it not only serves to create awareness in China for what is actually is going on, but is also creating noise internationally in attempt to gain support, therefore change becomes a possibility.

Written by Jacquie Nunez.

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